Monday, May 01, 2006

Book Review Marriage Divorce & Remarriage in the Bible by Jay E. Adams

Perhaps the most difficult pastoral issues of the Christian ministry arise over the subject of Jay Adams' book. Unless we grapple Biblically and prayerfully with these complex matters we will be ineffective in reaching a messy world and unsupportive of Christians who are facing these issues. Jay Adams book helps the church not to bury its head in the sand but to face up to the matters in a thoroughly Biblical way. While this book does not cover every possible situation there are sound principles that we can take and apply to situations that we face. This book would be a good read for elders seeking to handle such sensitive matters within their own sphere of oversight. It is also essential reading for any Christian who is seeking to bring Biblical light and Christ centred love to those who are hurting and longing for real answers and not the craft of empty humanistic counselling.