Saturday, April 08, 2006

Creationism Rattles Teachers

A recent posting on the BBC news page on Education noted that some NUT delegates want the teaching of creationism or intelligent design as a valid alternative to evolution to be outlawed. The BBC news item reported that the "NUT leader says
There is "enormous concern" among teachers and parents at the influence of some religious "fundamentalists" on education, a union leader says." It is difficult to ascertain who exactly the NUT are having a go at - but it seems suspiciously like their sights are set on the likes of Christian millionaire Sir Peter Vardy academies.
Mr. Sinnott went on to voice his concerns about the school sponsors, "because they have millions of pounds they wish to spend on education" - could "present to youngsters in the classroom their prejudice and their narrow views on religion".
How wonderful of Mr. Sinnott that he has everything sussed. Can he not see how narrow his own views are in expressing such concerns?
The BBC article reports the activities of Mr. Vardy's academy in the following way,"It has been claimed that schools in the North East backed by Christian millionaire Sir Peter Vardy have been teaching Creationism alongside evolutionary scientific theory." Imagine - teaching creationism - tut, tut,horror of horrors, how terrible, whatever next! Equally it could be claimed that for decades the education system of the UK has been filling the minds of little children with the godless speculation philosophy called Darwinianism.
Delegates at another teachers' conference says the government's policy of having more faith schools "will hinder integration, foster religious divisions and provide fertile ground for religious and ethnic conflicts."
Surely some of these delegates can do a little thinking - for decades the young people of our land have had their heads filled with the nonsense of man coming swinging from the trees. Pardon me, pity my simplicity if you like but such education doesn't seem to have fostered integration of the ethnic variety that we are privileged to have throughout our nation.
Only the teaching of the Word of God will educate our children as to who they are as human beings - so very very special, no matter what their colour our ethnic origin - all with the image of God still stamped on their lives. It is the Bible faithfully taught that will teach a rising generation that the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ makes true unity amongst diversity.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Voice of the Unborn Cries Out

A leading medical research team from University College London has proven that premature babies as young as 25 weeks feel and experience pain. This research will be of obvious help to those involved in care of the premature.
But what about the other little children in the womb. In the UK abortion is legal up to 24 weeks. Is this not a reminder once again that it is a real little human life that is being scraped and sucked from the one place in the world that it should be secure. Is it any wonder that our nation is in such a mess - it is guilty as proven of the daily murder of the unborn. The God who creates life will not stand by and take no notice of such murderous atrocity. A human being no matter how small is unique, the image of God still stamped on each one. To take a human life in such barbarity is a crime against God. The voice of the unborn cries out to Him who sees in the secret place. Oh that our nation would repent of its wickedness of sanctioning murder in the womb. With the Lord Jesus Christ there is forgiveness for all who will call on Him.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Cosmic Ordering

The come back kid of TV, 56 year old Noel Edmonds has to the astonishment of many in the industry hit the ground running with his latest TV show. On Saturday evening his comeback was sealed with an interview with the silver haired Parky. Noel Edmonds new show has the catchy title "Deal or no Deal." It seems however that Mr. Edmonds is into another sort of dealing which he informed Parky was called Cosmic Ordering. He apparently got the idea from a book passed on to him by a reflexologist. The idea behind cosmic ordering is quite simple - you write down your wish list on a piece of paper and the cosmos kindly delivers them. Mr. Edmonds stated to a reporter that he had put in 6 orders so far and you've guessed it "Deal or no Deal" was on the list.
Once again we see the foolishness of humanity without God. Men and women will do absolutely anything and believe such utter nonsense rather than the truth as it is found in the Lord Jesus Christ. Cosmic ordering is simply another new age way of trying to do away with the personal God who rules all things. Cosmic ordering is lucky charm, rabbits foot, Mr. Blobby nonsense.
How far from the wonderful message of the Bible - that as men and women humble themselves before God, repent of their sins and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ that they have an invitation from the Triune God to come humbly before His throne of grace to find find mercy and grace to help in time of need. What a joy to be a Christian - every day I can talk to my Father in heaven knowing that His Son rules all things and is working out all things for my good. What joy to be able to come to that personal God in prayer, knowing that He hears me, delights to receive my stumbling prayers and in the mystery of His sovereign ways weaves them into the outworking of His good pleasing and perfect will.

Bending Your Neck

I can still remember it as if it were yesterday though it is now over twenty years ago. I was three months into a university course that I was beginning to think was such a waste of time. A desire to reach the lost for Christ was beginning to rise over my soul. In my immaturity I thought that the best solution was to drop out and do whatever came to hand and go wherever with the gospel. I shared my dream with a new friend, who was later to become my wife. Thankfully her counsel was so wise(and still is) - to stay the course, finish what I had started and learn what the Lord was wanting me to learn.
As I look back on that time I am thankful for a lesson learnt - there are no quick roads to being equipped to perform the work of the ministry. Often we must bend our necks to those tutors and governors that the Lord has appointed in his providence to bring us to some state of usefulness. For four years a degree in Geography had to be completed where the discipline of study was learnt for days ahead. Then a year of post graduate teacher training where some gifts for teaching were honed. Then five years of teaching, interacting with a a range of ages and learning what life was like in the work place. Then three years of hard grind at theological college, sweat and tears over Hebrew, Greek, and a list of other subjects.
And every day I am still trying to learn this lesson that there are no quick roads to being prepared for ministry. Every day learning to bend the neck to God's appointed tutors - to be busy in the books, reading and being equipped, submitting to His providences that by His great grace I might be of some use to Christ the King and of some benefit to His people for the little while that breath rises and falls in my body.
If you are a young man reading this remember to bend your neck. Bending the neck voluntarily is much easier than having it bent for you. He has had to do that for me too - but that is another story. There are no short cuts. Don't be a half baked preacher or whatever. Whatever is critical to you being the best that you can possibly be for Christ - just do it - NOW! Only one life it will soon be gone.

Church Finds What IT'S looking for

One online news broadcast has stated that episcopal parishes from California to Maine are introducing "U2 Eucharist services." The scheme organisers state that the service is designed to make contact with the youth of society and help those interested in social activism. As well as the traditional bread and wine worshippers are also supplied with ear plugs and fluorescent glow sticks. At one service plasma TV screen illuminated the worship area while multicoloured streamers soared through the air.One particular church leader hinted that it was only a matter of time before U2 songs made it into the hymnal, after all "there's a gift they have for speaking to the human soul."
What a tragic picture of the plight of the church. Has anyone asked, Is this what God is looking for? God has made it very clear in His word that He is to be worshipped as He has prescribed and not as we might think He wants to be worshipped. Surely this awful scenario is just another reminder of the terrible mess that happens when the Word of God is abandoned.
Aping the world is one of the greatest mistakes that the church can make. Christ has made the church to be different from the world, to be a light in the darkness so that men and women will hear the good news of Jesus Christ and by grace make their way to where "the streets have no name."
Oh that the Lord would bring the church to her senses that with one accord men and women would be seeking what God is looking for - true reverence, adoration and worshipped in spirit and in truth. Only then will men and women be truly blessed.