Friday, November 16, 2012

Dangerous Calling

This the the latest book from the pen of Paul Tripp.  The subtitle reveals what the dangerous calling is about - confronting the unique challenges of pastoral ministry. The book comprises three main sections: examining pastoral culture; the danger of forgetting who God is; and the danger of forgetting who you are.  The book is obviously written in Tripp's unique conversational preaching style.  In each chapter it is as if you are in his counselling room as he downloads a lifetime of pastoral experience and expertise. In this book the writer is shockingly open about the dangerous life of the ministry and the sins that so easily beset us.
If you are a minister and want to finish the course you simply must read this.  If you are training for the ministry you must take this deep into your heart and life or you will so easily become one of the ministerial casualties that sadly pepper every denomination.
This should be compulsory reading at every seminary.

Monday, November 05, 2012

The Works of John Flavel Volume 1

It was a bit of a marathon but well worth effort.  Volume 1 of Flavel has the title, "The fountain of life, A display of Christ in His essential and mediatorial glory." 42 wonderful sermons on the person and work of Christ.  Flavel is relatively easy to read and not given by and large to endless sub points.  These sermons are theologically stimulating and heart warming.  Some of the earlier sermons you could read through in one sitting, others need to be broken up.  The clearly demarcated headings help in dividing up to read.
Well worth the effort.  Just five more volumes to go.