Friday, February 15, 2013

Spirit Empowered Preaching, Arturo Azurdia

I usually avoid an author who states their name as "someone the III".  But I am glad that I didn't give this volume on preaching a by ball. It is in fact essential reading for anyone who preaches.
The book has three main threads:
Spirit empowered preaching is the principle means of advancing the kingdom of God
Spirit empowered preaching will be evangelical in emphasis
Spirit empowered preaching is the responsibility of the church
Azurdia argues that too much preaching going on today is void of the power of God.  In around 180 pages of packed reasoning the writer sets before the reader the need for the work of the Holy Spirit at every stage of preaching.
Azurdia has Biblical balance in his whole approach to preaching.  It is not pray more to prepare less - but prepare and preach in the power of the Spirit.
Highly recommended