Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Busy Christian's guide to Busyness, Tim Chester

I joked to wife on reading this book that it took me rather longer than it should to read a relatively small volume, 179pages - "I was too busy." I guess that is the complaint of many today. Certainly it is an issue that I am finding more now nearly 20 years in to the ministry than I did when I started. It seems to be the daily cry of the majority of believers - too busy. Though there is much to help in a practical way in this volume this is no do it yourself guide to relieving the busyness. Chester goes much deeper analysing in the latter half of the book why we are so busy and just can't seem to say no to the boss. What is particularly helpful is the Biblical meditation at the end of the key chapters.
This is a must if you are starting out in working like, caught in the middle or ticking off the days to retirement which I am reliable informed are busier than ever.
I wish I could get my hands on a box of these. I think I could get rid of them very quickly.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Selected Shorter Writings of BB Warfield Vol 1

I bought this set of BBW simply because they belonged to the man who taught me to love the Reformed Faith, the late F.S. Leahy. Having read this volume it was obvious where my mentor gleaned his clear and concise style of writing. As I read this 500 page volume I could hear again in my head his to the point lectures on Systematics apologetics and ethics. This volume is exactly what it says on the tin- BBW's short writing culled from a host of journals and articles. It is composed of 59 chapters covering a variety of subjects - the theology of God, practical Christianity and an amazing final section of tributes to his former colleagues and friends. Chapter 52 is a must for theological students.