Monday, July 23, 2012

Andrew Murray Men of Faith

While the majority of the population of the UK was applauding the tennis player I picked up this bite size biography of Andrew Murray the 19th century S. African pastor and evangelist.  This Murray was born and bred within the confines of Dutch Reformed Church.  He was a presbyterian who was heavily influences by the Holiness movement.  His deep devotion for the Lord Jesus shines through in every detail that the biographer records.  He was a man blessed with many gifts and graces and appears to have been one of those men with broad shoulders and endless energy for the kingdom of God.  Like most greatly used servants of the Lord this man faced many struggles in his efforts to serve his Saviour. While there is much to stir and challenge in the life of this godly man there are some things that seem a little confusing.  Thankfully the God that Murray served is bigger than our small thoughts of Him and His work with His servants.  One phrase stuck in my mind from Linder's account of Murray's life.  When God gives you a heart for His work expect His blessing.  So plod on.