Wednesday, May 04, 2011

The Cross Centred Life - CJ Mahaney

For 17 years as a minister of the gospel I have exhorted myself and the people of God to live only one sort of life - a life where the cross is in our constant gaze. This little gem by CJ Mahaney is a clear and concise call to the church to focus on the work of the Lord Jesus on the cross. This says Mahaney is THE MAIN THING. The book comprises just 85 pages but each one is dripping with thought provoking and practical statement. This little giant consists of seven stimulating sections of compact comment on the cross showing how the cross rescues us from ourselves, performance Christianity and condemnation.
The book is a useful primer to serious life long reflection on the cross. If you read it don't stop at the last page but go on to the Scriptures seeking Him while He may be found. Go on to F.S. Leahy's classic trilogy on Christ and His cross.