Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Ebay Values - People are Basically Good

You can only imagine the excitement when I opened an email from ebay to be told that I had achieved five positive feedbacks. Only five more and I will receive my first feedback star (yippy do da!)Apparently all this positive feedback reinforces the ebay values. I was dying to know what that entailed so a followed the link:

We believe people are basically good.
We believe everyone has something to contribute.
We believe that an honest, open environment can bring out the best in people.
We recognise and respect everyone as a unique individual.
We encourage you to treat others the way you want to be treated.

Some interesting stuff! The theology of modern man is the ebay values system. Do they not read the papers or listen to the news. A perverted man murders five women whose lives have broken down - basically good? Do they never ponder their own thoughts - basically good?
According to ebay all we need is an honest and open environment to bring out the best in people - only one problem there - where does one find an honest and open environment when human beings are by nature dishonest.
Wouldn't it be wonderful to have an environment where people were accepted for who they were, where the best in them was drawn out, where all were treated as unique individuals who treated one another as they wished to be treated.
The Lord Jesus told a parable about all this - the Good Samaritan. The person asking the Lord the question that prompted the parable lived by ebay values - he was a works man - do your best and all will be well.
The whole purpose of the Lord's parable is to show that we can't live by ebay like values. The ideals are great but of ourselves we just can't do it. The message of the parable and indeed the Bible is that we are sinnners through and through - we are not good, we don't care what others can contribute, environment doesn't make us bad that is what we are, we don't respect others. We are in big trouble.
So is there any hope? Yes. The Lord Jesus came into the world to save men and women from the guilt and power of sin. In Jesus Christ there is new life. There is forgiveness from all our sin, a wonderful new standing before God, a way to please God and truly serve our fellow human beings in a manner that honours God.
So where will you find an environment where the best in people is brought out? According to the Bible that is what your local church is to be like.
The following verses will give you a true understanding who you are and what the Lord Jesus Christ does for sinners: Mark 7:20-23; Luke 10:25-37, Romans 3:9-31