Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Voice of the Unborn Cries Out

A leading medical research team from University College London has proven that premature babies as young as 25 weeks feel and experience pain. This research will be of obvious help to those involved in care of the premature.
But what about the other little children in the womb. In the UK abortion is legal up to 24 weeks. Is this not a reminder once again that it is a real little human life that is being scraped and sucked from the one place in the world that it should be secure. Is it any wonder that our nation is in such a mess - it is guilty as proven of the daily murder of the unborn. The God who creates life will not stand by and take no notice of such murderous atrocity. A human being no matter how small is unique, the image of God still stamped on each one. To take a human life in such barbarity is a crime against God. The voice of the unborn cries out to Him who sees in the secret place. Oh that our nation would repent of its wickedness of sanctioning murder in the womb. With the Lord Jesus Christ there is forgiveness for all who will call on Him.

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