Saturday, October 07, 2006

It's All Your Fault Knoxy!

Dr. Harry Burns Scotland's chief medical officer has named and shamed one John Knox as the root cause of Scotland's negativity and cringe culture, "I think John Knox has a heavy burden to bear ... 'Oh doom and gloom'." The same article in the Scotsman (7.10.06) gave the top ten things for making people happy: marriage, sex, exercise, time with pets, gratitude, affirmation, chocolate, material wealth, friends and attainable goals.
No doubt Dr. Burns will be ordering in a load of exercise bikes and a containter or two of Dairy Milk to bring a smile to the face of the Scots.
It is not hard to imagine what sort of "Trumpet Blast" John Knox would make at the state of the land of Scotland and those in positions of authority. He would certainly not be silent - he "never feared the face of any man." What Scotland needs is not the top ten ways to feel a little happier - but be to brought to its knees, confess the horror of its iniquity and cry unto Knox's Saviour for grace and mercy. Only then will the happiness that brings peace to a man's soul come sweeping in over the heather.
Who knows - may in His infinite mercy God will give again to Scotland a Knox or a Wishart - let us pray so.

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