Monday, September 01, 2008

The Courage to be Protestant David F. Wells £14.99

David Wells is a master at clearly and concisely diagnosing the spiritual state of the Western World. This latest book to come from the writer started off as a summary of his other books but evolved into a master class of the evangelical landscape. Wells highlights in this book how the church of the Western world is anything but protestant, that she has well and truly lost her way, come adrift and is about to crash on the rocks. Wells is fearless and yet gracious in his critique of much that likes to consider itself evangelical. This 250 page book is not for a sleepy read but one to be thoughtfully poured over. In chapters on Truth, God, Self, Christ and the Church Wells helps the reader understand the postmodern mind and why people think as they do in these areas. This book is a must for preachers and pastors who want to make sure they do not lead their churches unto the jagged rocks of this post modern world. It is a must for preachers who are keen to ensure that their preaching is truly protestant. For those who have time and opportunity to meet up with others to reflect on the contents there is much here of contemplation.

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