Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Book Comment Total Church Chester & Timmis

The book has the subtitle "a radical reshaping around gospel and community." The writers are part of the Crowded house way of "doing church." While you may not agree with all that these guys have to say you will find this read challenging and stimulating. In the 13 chapters many topics are covered including evangelism, church planting, discipleship, pastoral care, apologetics. The book is dotted throughout with real life examples of people whose lives have been transformed by this focus on community. In no way do the writers dum down the gospel in their attempt to reshape the life of the church around community. These guys definitely have something to say and the book is well worth the read. It is a little weak on applying the principles they outline re life in the church. But maybe that is not a bad thing as each are then allowed to work out the principles for their own situation. As I read the book I couldn't help think that these chaps were simply redoscovering something that the Reformed Presbyterian Church had survived on for a generation - the people of God living together in closely knit lives proclaiming the good news of Christ crucified. Only thing was the Covenanters called their way of doing church, Society meetings.

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