Thursday, May 13, 2010

Speaking Truth in Love David Powlison

For any minister, student for the ministry or church member who desires to speak the truth of God's Word into people's lives this book is a must read. It is another volume from the Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation stable. The book consists of two main sections: Part 1 Speaking Truth in Love and Part 2 We Grow Up Together. In the first section the writer deals with many of the practicalities of counseling - preparation, what questions to ask, how to illustrate your counseling and how to help people who have been to every other counseling avenue under the sun. The second part deals mainly with the role of the church in counseling and the vital topic of how to get more training in the field.
As with every CCEF book I have read I ended this one with the realization - I need to read that again with a pen and paper in hand. I think I have said it before - if you are serious in speaking the truth of God's Word in to people's lives in preaching and pastoring - then buy and read every book that these guys print. I wish I had these books when I was at theological college - perhaps I would have seen more people's lives changed by the Word than I have over these past 16 years.
If I am spared by God to minister for another 16 years I will be making the wise pastoral counsel of CCEF materials the core of my ministering of the Word of Christ from home to home.

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