Saturday, January 15, 2011

Raised with Christ, Adrian Warnock

This is the next volume on my reading on the resurrection. Raised with Christ comes with two opening pages of recommendation. And I am glad to say that it does live up to all the words of commendation. It is a well written 19 chapter book that seeks to explain that the resurrection changes everything. The opening chapters cover the details of the resurrection and the rest tease out this life transforming doctrine in to every day life. If you like footnotes instead of annoying end notes you will enjoy the way that the publisher has set out this volume. This is a thoroughly heart warming and informative read. I didn't agree with everything that the author said especially in his comments regarding the work of the Holy Spirit and also revival. He seems to take MLJ's angle on the working of the Holy Spirit. All in all an excellently written and helpful study on the doctrine of the resurrection and a must for anyone wanting to delve in to this glorious truth.

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