Wednesday, February 02, 2011

The Meaning and Mode of Baptism

Doing some reading these days around the subject of baptism as preparation for a series of sermons on baptism. A friend guided me to Jay E Adam's wee booklet, "The meaning and mode of baptism." It is just 56 pages in length so doesn't really count as a book. But this booklet will help anyone who is interested in working out what the Bible says about the how to of baptism. His basic thesis is simple - immersion is not the Biblical mode of baptism and it should be by sprinkling or pouring. Adams leaves no stone unturned in this study and presents his material in a gracious manner. A vital read for anyone serious about understanding what the Bible says about baptism. The booklet is published by P&R.

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Jonathan Hunt said...

I have now bought and read this book. I doubt anyone has ever made the case against immersion so succinctly.

But I still disagree with the esteemed Dr Adams on this matter!