Thursday, March 17, 2011

Singing the Songs of Jesus, Michael LeFebvre

Anyone who loves the psalms needs to read this book so that you will love them even more. Though just some 160 pages this is no airy fairy light weight ditty. Every line of this gem is carefully thought through and as a book punches well above its weight. The author has a different angle on psalm singing that is both thought provoking and worship empowering.
With psalm singing growing in popularity world wide this is a book just right for the times. The author is keen for the reader to see psalm singing as singing not simply words about Christ and breathed out by the Spirit of Christ but singing with Christ.
Although the writer makes it clear that this book is not a defense for exclusive psalm singing the reader is left with one concluding thought - why would anyone ever want to sing anything else.
Every psalm singing church should press this book into members hands so that they will be filled with encouragement to keep on singing the psalms. Every young person or not so young person looking out into the church and thinking - you know we really need to abandon these psalms for something more popular - needs to take up and read.
Food here not only for your mind but joy for the heart.

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