Monday, October 10, 2011

Losing our Virtue, David Wells

Listen to the preaching in many churches today and you will find something is up! It sounds like the gospel but it is a twisted version to scratch where post moderns are itching. Jesus is that friend who will help you find yourself. Jesus is that guide who will steer your life to productivity and meaning. The God of self is clamouring for attention in churches today and many are falling down to worship. Listen to the worship that is happening and you will find it is more like a concert that adoration of the living God. This book will open your eyes and help you stay on track.
Wells has that wonderful way of helping the reader see into the emptiness of the thinking of our post modern world. In this volume he analyses the moral mess of the American culture and how this has impacted on the life of the church. In this volume he is seeking to help us see where society's views of self are rooted and how these values have impinged on the message of the church. Wells cracks open the therapeutic gospel preached in so many places today and illuminates how this approach is no gospel at all and a help therefore to no one.
Though David Wells writes for culture across the pond his comments are spot on for us too. Any pastor preacher seeking to help the people of God in a way that will last should read and take in this wise analysis. This volume is like a massive breaking system on a runaway train - so climb aboard.

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