Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Masculine Mandate, Richard Philips, Reformation Trust

Sadly many men have lost their way - some become arrogant and abusive others effeminate and weak - and that is just in the church. This book is a tool for making real men. Real books have hard backs and a dust cover - so this book was off to a good start. The content is first class. Unlike many books for men this one is rooted in the Scripture. The writer takes the principles of Genesis and presses them in to all the avenues of a man's life. There are 13 chapters with good discussion questions at the end. The book is comprised of two parts: Understanding our mandate (1-5) and Living our mandate(6-13). Chapters 1-5 cover the basics of the principle of keeper king. Chapters 6-8 work this out in marriage, 9&10 in the family, 11 in friendship amongst men, 12 in the church and 13 finishes off with a general chapter on servants of the Lord.
Every wife or prospective wife should buy this for her man. Every man who loves his wife or is looking for one should read this book and inwardly digest by the grace of God.
Ideal for a men's fellowship or reading through with another man on a one to one.
My father used to have a saying about a real man - "he had hairs on his chest like shot leaks!" This will put some spiritual hair on your chest.

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