Monday, April 16, 2012

Sing a New Song

Anything from Reformation Heritage Books publishers is worth buying. This recent volume edited by Joel Beeke and Anthony Selvaggio is a fantastic book designed to stimulate the recovery of psalm singing in the twenty first century. The book comprises eleven chapters each written by a different writer. There are some big hitters in the list of writers - Beeke, Johnson and Murray to name but a few. Some of the chapters have an historical flavour, others on the blessing of singing psalms, and one or two from a more technical side. Malcolm Watt's defence of exclusive psalm singing is a belter.
I simply cannot recommend this book highly enough. Every right minded RP should fork out the fourteen quid and delight in the privilege of psalm singing. Any reader who imagines that there is just not enough weight to the exclusive psalm singing argument needs to read this too. And not for the chapter by Malcolm Watts but for the other ten chapters that speak so highly of singing the psalms. The only possible conclusion someone could come to is - why would I want to sing anything else.

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