Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Praying Life, Paul Miller

Been reading through this book on prayer over the last few weeks and have had a love hate relationship with it.  I wanted to read it because I had read a few rave reviews and also the personal need to develop my private prayer life.  So what do I dislike about it?  I guess it's just one of my pet hates  - but why do American evangelical feel that they have to quote nuns and monks?  Now with that out of my system let me thoroughly recommend that you read this book.  If you are a normal Christian you lament that you don't pray as you ought.  This book doesn't come with a magic wand and hey presto perfect prayer life, but it will inform you, encourage you and help you to see that it really is possible to connect with God in a distracting world.
The book comprises five main sections: Learning to pray like a child; Learning to trust again; Learning to ask your Father; Living in you Father's story and Praying in real life.  There are 32 chapter in total each about a 15 minute read.  The author writes in a warm personal style letting you into his home to see how he and his wife learnt to pray amidst the business of a family life.
If you have a shelf for books on prayer this should be one of them.

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