Monday, January 14, 2013

What do you think of me?

This volume by Ed Welch has the sub title, Why do I care? As the title and sub title suggest this is a book designed for the young. But this "not so young" minister found it challenging because let's face it we can care too much what others think no matter what our age. Like much of the material published by CCEF staff it is published by New Growth Press. After two introductory chapters identifying the problem and then a further six on getting to the reason why peoples lives are lived looking for approval Welch then plots a path out of the maze by studying who God is, who we are and who everyone else is.  This is a superb book that will help counselling those struggling with peer pressure, low self esteem, co dependency etc. it is designed to be an interactive study though to be honest a briefer accompanying study booklet might be more beneficial.  This book has all the thorough Biblical exegesis and careful pastoral direction that we have come to expect from Ed Welch. A super read and well worth it's place on your counselling shelf.

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