Thursday, June 06, 2013

Luke Volume 2, J.C. Ryle

My journey with Ryle through the gospels marches on. With Matthew, Mark and volume 1 of Luke under the belt that leaves volume 2 of Luke and the three volumes on John. I simply can't recommend these volumes highly enough.  They just drip godly wisdom and sound exegesis.  Volume 1 covers the first ten chapters of Luke.  As with the other volumes the passages of Scripture are bite size portions with a few pages of comment.  The footnotes should not be skipped - a gold mine stuff in there.
If you don't have this new set published by Banner you simply must buy it. No home should be without it. Useful for personal devotions for teenagers, busy middle agers, and OAP's.
Buy it for others for their birthday, engagement present, wedding present - whenever - just get it into the hands of others.
Now for volume 2 of Luke.

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