Tuesday, February 28, 2006

"Faithful God" by Sinclair Ferguson

Orginally a series of addresses given at the EMW conference. If you are looking for a devotional commentary on Ruth then look no further. As ususal Mr Ferguson has that knack of digging up some wonderful gems and setting them in language that is both mind capturing and vivid. The commentary has a warm Christ centred feel to it - which isn't that difficult when going through Ruth. Mr Ferguson shows well the place of this book of Scripture in God's plan for saving sinners. The book is worth reading and having on your shelf not only for the comments on Ruth which are stimulating, but for the appendix. The appendix is on the theme of guidance. It is a letter of John Newtown. If Christians would read this it would keep them from all sorts of silly nonsense about discerning the will of God. Read and be blessed.

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