Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Transform our lowly bodies

Transform our lowly bodies - that is the promise of Christ, Philippians 3:21. When the Saviour comes from heaven, the power that He uses to control every atom in this universe He will use to transform the lowly bodies of every single person in Christ. Take a visit to the nursing home and you will see a few lowly bodies - an elderly saint - now unable to hold a drinking cup without drowling - lowly body. Take a vist to the cancer ward - and a Christian man sits, a shadow of his former self, waiting for the gnawing from within to bring things to an end - lowly body. Take a vist to the graveyard where a follower of Christ has placed in the earth the tiny body of his infant child, reduced now to dust with the passing of the years - lowly body. Take a vist to the prison cell of Allan Cameron presented with the hands of his son Richard - lowly body. Take a visit to the jungle hut of the missionary who has just lost his life at the hands of Muslim extremist - see his lowly body dashed in its own blood.
And all these when the Savour comes from heaven will be transformed so that they will be like His glorious body. Blessed be King Jesus who does all things well.

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