Friday, March 14, 2008

Contending for the Faith Robert L. Reymond

This 400 plus page book published by Mentor is a collection of twenty five theological papers. The subects covered in the book range from creation to hell. Some of the chapters are quite heavy and eg Brunner's dialectal encounter. I have to confess that the one on Brunner and two others (Bultman and Barth) were beyond my mind. The other 22 chapters are all an excellent read. Reymond's clear Biblical approach mixed with a warmth and graciousness make the comments of the author good food for the soul. Reymond is never afraid to point out error as in his debunking of Stott's view on hell. But it is always done in the most gracious manner. That alone makes me want to read more. It is hard to pick out a best chapter. I think if I am pushed the best is saved to the end when he writes on the topic "What's wrong with Islam." I thoroughly recommend this volume to all blog readers. not only will you find clear Scriptural teaching but it will also furnish you with a style of writing that is warm and winsome yet straight to the point.
1. The Justification of Theology with Special Application to Contemporary Christology
2. The Historical Integrity of Genesis 1-11
3. “In The Space of Six Days”
4. The Theological Significance of The Biblical Doctrine of Creation.
5. The Angels of God
6. The Contributions of Ugaritic Study to Old Testament Study
7. Salvation Principles Governing The Genesis Patriarchs and The Exodus Redemption
8. An Amicus Brief for Unconditional Election
9. My Vision of the Department of Systematic Theology in a Reformed Seminary
10. Revisiting How We Should Support The Doctrine of The Trinity
11. The Trinitarianism of the Westminster Confession of Faith: Nicene or Reformed?
12. Why Must Jesus Be God and Man?
13. The Sanders/Dunn “Fork in the Road” in the Current Controversy Over the Pauline Doctrine of Justification by Faith.
14. Lord’s Day Observance: Mankind’s Proper Response to the Fourth Commandment.
15. Children in the Covenant
16. Brunner’s Dialectical Encounter
17. Barth’s Doctrine of Election and Reconciliation
18. Bultmann’s Demythologized Kerygma
19. Dr. John H. Gerstner on Thomas Aquinas as a Protestant
20. Dr. Robert H. Schuller’s Self-Esteem: The New Reformation
21. Dr. John Stott on Hel
22. Review of Walter C. Kaiser’s Toward an Exegetical Theology: Biblical Exegesis for Preaching and Teaching
23. The “Very Pernicious and Detestable” Doctrine of Inclusivism
24. Why The Roman Catholic Church Is a Threat Only to Roman Catholics and a Non-Threat to Everyone Else
25. What’s Wrong With Islam?

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