Monday, March 03, 2008

No Turning Back - J. Philip Arthur

Yet another devotional commentary on Hebrews. This one is published by Grace publications and is about 240 pages in length. There are 30 short chapters full of material useful for a time of personal daily devotion. Not much here for sermon preparation. That is no criticism of a very well written book that will benefit all who read. Phil Arthur is a good communicator both in spoken and written word. He manages to do what many writers of devotional commentaries fail to do, that is, tie the whole book together. Using this in your daily devotions will give you a good handle on Hebrews and provide you with clear and revelevant application that is very challenging. Comparing it to the other four short devotional studies I have read on Hebrews recently, this one comes in a close second place after the Welwyn commentary. All in all a good buy and useful book to have on any family bookshelf. Costs about £9.00.

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