Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Lost in the Middle Paul David Tripp

When you are 45 there are some books that are a must read - and this comes fairly close to the top of the list. The book has the subtitle, "Midlife and the Grace of God." It is published by Shepherd Press and costs £8.95. As with any book that comes from CCEF counsellors this book is thoroughly rooted in the Scriptures, wonderfully written and dotted throughout with timely illustrations from the lives of real people. Don't be mistaken into thinking that this books is just for blokes that can no longer run sub five minute miles, are greying somewhat at the temples and have that bulge appearing over their belt. This book has timeless truths for people of all agge groups. David Tripp in his usual masterly manner peals back the facade of modern man and shows why people in midlife often feel that they are lost in the middle. The book rises to an energising climax as the author reminds the reader that it is often in mid life that God in His grace opens our eyes to see who we really are and how He can uses the disappointments, unfulfilled dreams and tragic failures to make us people not lost in the middle but wonderfully found and enwrapped in the crescendo of redemption that God is ringing out in our lives.

My advice is; read it for yourself and then find a friend that you can discuss it chapter by chapter with and then pray in the truths that the Lord brings to bear on your heart.

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