Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Book Review "The Reason for God" T. Keller

I have for the past year or so been a TK fan. His preaching is so on the button when it comes to Biblical accuracy and communicating in the 21st century. He is often my running companion as I listen to one of his sermon's on mp3. Having listened to his unique and winsome style of communicating the gospel in a way that touches down in the mind of post modern man it was with great excitement that I purchased his new book, "The Reason for God" subtitled Belief in an Age of Skeptism. It is published by Dutton in hardback. I presume a paperback version will eventually appear. I recommend you buy a hardback copy for your self as this is one to read every year if you are serious about proclaiming the Good News either in preaching or personal witness. The paperback versions will mean that you can spend some of your hard earned cash in buying a bundle for giving away to unconverted neighbours and friends. Keller answers the questions that people are asking in the most disarming manner. This book of just over 290 pages divides into two parts. Seven chapters under the theme of "The Leap of Doubt" where he deals respectfully with all the questions that are set before you every day E.g. Is there only one true religion? Why all the suffering? How could a loving God send people to hell? Can you really trust the Bible? The second half of the book consisting of seven chapters is under the theme "The Reasons for Faith." In this section Keller deals with the knowledge of God, the problem of sin, religion and the gospel etc.

One of the things that you will find reading or indeed listening to Keller is that he always has interesting and surprising ways of presenting truth.

This would be a great book for you young guys to read through together and discuss how you will put it into action. For any preachers who read review this - you simply have to read and reread this that something of Keller's technique of disarming the defeater ideas of the world might rub off on you. If you are looking for the book to take on holiday with you - this is the one. Perhaps you should pack a few extra paperbacks if they come out soon so that you can give them away to any who ask "what's that your reading?"

Since I am pretty wick at book reviews why not listen to the man himself at http://www.thereasonforgod.com/

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Boaly said...

In the middle of reading it at the minute, a great apologetic!