Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Is it Nothing to You? Book Reminder

From time to time I hear the question asked, How does a man stay fresh in the ministry? The question is so very relevant for often in the daily plod of ministry it is so very easy to become professional, tired and weary. When the clouds gather for me I go again to the cross. I make the reading and studying of the gospels my focus. I also like to read something devotional that will help stir up great thoughts of the Saviour. To this end I have found the trilogy of the late F.S. Leahy so helpful. I have just finished reading again "Is it nothing to You?" It was published by Banner back in 2004 and is a little gold mine of heart warming devotions on the "unchanging significance of the cross." I guess one of the reasons that I enjoy these books so much is that I had the privilege of having the author as my Theology prof at seminary. I can hear him say the words and having known him I know that they are not words that simply sit as ink on paper, but words that flowed out of a ministry that was constantly filled with the life invigorating freshness of the gospel. This is a short book - about ten chapters. Take one chapter a day before breakfast and before reading and praying and by the grace of God you will find your heart strangely warmed within you.

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