Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Cross He Bore

One of my most prized books is a signed copy of this little 82 page book published by Banner of Truth back in 1996. It is comprised of 13 very carefully crafted chapters focussing on events around the sufferings of the Redeemer. In this book the late FS Leahy pieced together in his usual precise yet heart warming manner key events at the crucifixion. This is a book to warm your heart and fire up love for Christ. The author writes from the heart and to the heart as he deals with the silence of Christ, the refusal of Satan's cup, the crown of thorns etc. Leahy has gleaned from Schilder, Krumacher and Finlayson in putting together this masterpiece. This is one of the books I return to again and again. Just a chapter a day keeps the darkness away. Just a few miniutes primes the pump for a more beneficial time of personal devotions.

I can never read it without thinking of a elderly saint who when she received this book gave herself to reading it with pen and note book in hand. The gems that she discovered she simply didn't want to forget.

It is probably long since out of print. It will be worth your while tracking it down so that you to can discover its gems.


Steelo said...

It was reprinted last year by Banner. (with a slightly jazzed-up cover).

Michael McClenahan said...

pure gold