Thursday, June 05, 2008

Message in a Bottle

Booming business in Beijing these days are "spirit bottles." The Times on Friday 30th May reported that the shelves of Beijing's are fast being cleared of the empty bottles. One store claimed to be selling more than 100 per day. The sellers openly state that there is nothing but air in the bottles. The idea is that the empty bottles can be used to represent anything you want. The biggest sellers in this troubled nation are "Courage and change" and "sense of security." In a nation that is mourning a massive loss of life this is their answer to trouble - buy an empty bottle and put all your troubles in it. And yet it is no great surprise that the people of China are seeking solace in empty bottles for that is what their Godless philosophy leads naturally to. Since they have banned God it is no surprise that the people have no hope but in an empty bottle.
How sad that men and women could be conned into placing their hopes in an empty bottle. How could anyone believe that there is hope in such foolishness. But that is exactly what the Bible says. In psalm 4 David tells it as it is - how long will you love delusions and seek false gods.
The only message of their empty bottles is the emptiness of their lives. But that need not be so. God in His rich mercy has given us a clear message from heaven. He has given us a Bible and that Bible is presently selling so quickly in China that the publishers simply cannot keep pace. So let's pray that the Message in the Bible will wipe out this silly Message in a Bottle and that millions will come to know Christ Jesus the one who give real life.

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