Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Book Review - Communion With God - John Owen

Perhaps you find from time to time a certain flatness creeping over your soul, a dryness, a paralysing lethargy. Of course there may be a host of reasons for this - physical, mental and spiritual. But whatever the reason and whatever the course of recovery this little Banner paperback should be part of that reviving concoction. Owen believed that close fellowship with God lies at the centre of the Christian life. This abridged version by R.J.K. Law will be a tonic for your soul. It is thoroughly rooted in the Word and extrememely practical, teasing out in typical Owen style what fellowship with the different persons of the Godhead entails and how that fellowship is deepened. There are life stimulating potions on every page, Biblically rooted statements to prayerfully ponder. There are twenty four short chapters. Take one chapter on your knees before God each day and you will find the joy of your salvation growing to heights that you had never dreamed of.

My copy of this masterpiece cost me just £1.50. (Obviously a long time ago). I doubt if you will find one as cheap. But whatever the cost - get one and read, reread and reread.

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