Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Book Review No Place for Truth, David F Wells

This is the first in a series of books writter by David F. Wells which sets out the landscape of American Evangelicalism. This is a thorough and incitful analysis of the collapse of theology in the church. Os Guinness refers to Wells' book as a cat scan and unless properly responded to may just as well be a postmorten. The book itself comprises of some 300 pages of an intense and detailed critique of modern day evangelicalism in the US. Wells has that marvellous grasp of the times in which we live and by and large communicates this in a way that the average reader should be able to grasp. Anyone interested in understanding the spiritual climate of our day must read this book. Although Wells concentrates on the American situation there is much that is applicable this side of the big shugh (Ulsterism for Atlantic!) The book is worth reading for the last few paragraphs alone where Wells sets out his conclusion that it is not revival that we need but thorough reformation. A variety of subjects are dealt with in the book in order to help the reader grasp the modern mindset - views of self, theology, modernity, to name but a few. The chapter on gospel ministry should be read by every student for the ministry.

This is not bed time reading. It will require an active mind - but the effort is well worth it.

Now for the next in the series "God in the Wasteland."

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