Tuesday, December 09, 2008

A Quest for More Paul David Tripp, New Growth Press

As far as I can see this is the latest book published in connection with the CCEF (Christian Counselling Education Foundation) stable. The purpose of the book is to help the reader see that so often we are living for something smaller than what we were designed to live for, namely the Kingdom of God. The book comprises some 18 chapters looking at the theme from different angles. It is written in Tripp's usual Biblically based style and dotted with real life examples from his own walk with God and his own ministry. If you are interested in being unshackled from your little kingdoms and really wanting to live then this book will be on immense help. For those involved in counselling it is a must. Each chapter is started with a one line abstract that shines a bright light into the chapter that follows. Towards the close of the book there are four very helpful chapters on real struggles: forgiveness, loneliness, sacrifice, anger and hope. In each of these the writer exposes the underlying problems in our hearts annd brings gospel light to bear on them. A definite addition for any minister's library - pastoral theology section.