Monday, July 20, 2009

Band of Brothers

So what will you do with all that time at uni? Improve your snooker skills, watch Sky sports? What about something that will prepare you for serving Jesus Christ in a way that even your course won't. Sinclair Ferguson writing on the life of John Calvin says that the sharp mind of Calvin and his abilty to get to the heart of what a Scripture text was saying was founded in an "underground fellowship of like minded men." It was this Scripture focussed fellowship that the Lord used to shape his mind and transform his life. Ferguson writes, "Such brotherhoods are the God's chief instruments in stimulating holy living and advancing the gospel."
Wouldn't it be fantastic that if you left not only with a few more letters after your name but really useful for King Jesus? So why not plan for founding your little band of brothers. Your curriculum is simple - study and memorise the Word, learn the basics of NT Greek and read Calvin's Institutes. Who knows - perhaps from your brotherhoods God will raise up some men with something of the devotion and mind of Calvin.