Monday, July 13, 2009

Brothers we are not Professionals, John Piper

30 short punchy chapters to sort out slipping pastors. Took this on holidays this year and was challenged in every chapter. The chapters cover the full spectum of who we are as men, husbands and preachers. It covers what we should preach and how we should preach. Like all of Piper's writings this gets right under the radar and hits where it hurts. Every man thinking of the ministry or in the ministry should read this book yearly. You will not agree with all that John Piper says. He would not expect you too as long as you have a good biblical reason. The chapters that I found most challenging were the ones on prayer, our giving and keeping my languages up to date. In reality every chapter was a gold mine of helpful thoughts. This is a book to read on your knees, praying for forgiveness and grace to be the pastors that the Chief Shepherd wants us to be.