Thursday, November 19, 2009

How to Read Proverbs Tremper Longman III

This is a piece of sheer genius as regards to getting a handle on Proverbs. It is published by IVP and comes in at around £10.00. Proverbs is not the easiest book in the Bible to get your head round. There are so many pitfalls that a reader or preacher can fall into. Tremper Longman's book will help you to avoid these. The 174 page book consists of some 12 chapters and two apendices. The 12 chapters are divided into three sections: Understanding Proverbs, Reading Proverbs in Context and Following the themes of Proverbs. This book is really the distilled version of the writer's fuller work in the Baker Old Testament Commentary series which should be on the shelf of any preacher considering feeding the flock from this wonderful book of Scripture. (Though it will knock you back some £25.00)

This How to Read volume is a good first step in getting to grips with Proverbs. Any reader will find great value and benefit.

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