Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Prophets Speak of Him - A. Selvaggio

A 200 page masterpiece summary of the minor prophets. Anyone wishing to get an overview of these books of the Scripture will find Anthony Selvaggio's comments illuminating and heart warming. The historical setting and book outlines are set out in a readable format. But what makes this book well worth the £9.00 is that the author gets to who these books are about - the Lord Jesus Christ. Just flicking through the pages with your thumb will enable you to see that many of the chapter subheadings include the Lord Jesus' name. Any preacher considering preaching on the minor prophets will find this a useful devotional primer. When Anthony Selvaggio titles his book - The Prophets Speak of Him - that is exactly what he shows you. One constant thought echoed in my mind as I read this book - how do we preach these books? Was wondering are many of them really one sermon books - getting to who they are all about.
Well worth a place on your OT bookshelf.

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