Friday, January 08, 2010

Anthony Selvaggio's short devotional commentary on Proverbs is well worth the buy. It is published by Shepherd Press and retails for around £8.00. It is not in any way a deep commentary on the passage but a study of various themes in Proverbs. Just short of 200 pages this book would be helpful for anyone wishing to get a handle on Proverbs. There are six parts to the book: An opening section called Foundations where the author has some helpful introductory comments on the book. His section on seeing Jesus in Proverbs is first class and that alone is a good reason for buying the book. The second section is on the theme of work, the third on wealth, the fourth on friends, the fifth on marriage and the sixth on children.
Anyone wanting to preach on this book will find help here especially for the latter half of Proverbs. It is an excellent book for personal devotions also.

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