Thursday, February 25, 2010

Blame it on the Brain? - Book Note

If you are interested in any way in counseling yourself or others this is a must read. The author is Edward Welch from the CCEF stable. After three chapters on Biblical foundations there are three other sections covering Alzheimers, head Injury, Depression, ADD, homosexuality, and alcoholism. The basic thesis of the book states - we have to be careful that we are not blaming things on the brain that are just sinful patterns. To that end the author covers things that can be blamed on t he brain, matters that the brain may be blamed for and aspects of life that the brain didn't do. To work out which is which you will have to read the book.
The thing about these books from CCEF is that they are full of Bible and not man made wisdom. Anyone interested in counseling or giving any pastoral counsel should buy and read anything that CCEF publish.

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