Thursday, April 08, 2010

Broken Down House - Paul Tripp Book Note

This is a must read for anyone really interested in living for Christ in a world gone mad. The author uses a vivid illustration throughout of the broken down house. This picture ties all 16 chapters together. The picture is simple - the world is not how God created it in the beginning - it is broken by sin. But thank God through the finished work of Jesus Christ a restoration work has commenced that will one day reach its conclusion.
The author teases out many life applications of living in the now and not yet. What I found particularly helpful was relearning that the church is not perfect yet - it is a work in process. My experience of the ministry is that problems arise in the church because God's people forget that the work isn't finished yet.
Having read through this book once I am now planning to go through it a second time with a notebook and perhaps produce some sort of study guide.
I wish I could afford to by a box of these and give them to all my friends.

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