Friday, November 05, 2010

This little church had none - Gary Gilley

This is the third in a series of books by Gary Gilley. And you have guessed it the two previous ones were called "This little church went to market" and "This little church stayed at home." These classic books are no fairy tale laughing matter - but serious truth that the church must grasp. The author has a wonderful gift of putting his finger right on the trouble spot in the modern church. He has a knack of not only identifying what is going on in the church by way of being influenced by the world, but also how to get out of the mess. The present volume divides into three parts: Obstacles to the truth; The way back and Evangelism. In the first section 6 present day threats to evangelical church life are described: Seeker sensitive adjustment, The Emergent church goes ancient, Invasion of paganism, The prosperity gospel goes mainstream, The challenge of pragmatism, and The new atheism. In the second main section the writer describes how only a renewed confidence in the Word of God and pastoring with open eyes are the way back from the mess that the church is in in many places. The final section is a cracker on apologetic evangelism and a must for anyone interested in reaching the lost. Three of the final 4 chapters are written by co author Jay Wegter.
If you are involved in ministry in any form you need to read this book and the two previous volumes. If you are a young person who imagines that your church is fuddy duddy and why can't we do what other churches are doing - YOU NEED TO READ THIS and be thankful to God for what you have. Every pastor preacher needs to read these and be aware of the threats that are out there and can so easily creep into the church.
This book is a wonderful gift to the church for inoculation or recovery. Switch off the TV, log off the computer and read!

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