Monday, December 20, 2010

Lifted - Experiencing the Resurrection, Sam Allberry

Well yes I was - lifted. Decided to do a bit of reading around the resurrection over the past few months. Nothing too heavy at the start - just wanted my heart warmed and my soul stirred to deeper devotion for the Lord Jesus. And that is exactly what I found when reading and pondering this excellent book on the resurrection by Sam Allberry.
This 142 page book punches well above its weight. After a short introduction on the facts surrounding the resurrection the writer has four chapters: Assurance, transformation, hope and mission. Each chapter includes a well thought out exposition and application of one or several portions of Scripture. The writer has some wonderful turns of phrase. It is heart warming, soul satisfying and stirring. He is keen that the doctrine of the resurrection does what God intended it to do - ignite our lives. My favourite chapter was the third one entitled - Hope. In this chapter he deals with the physical resurrection of our bodies. Anyone wishing to raise their spiritual temperature a few degrees would do well to read this little gem. Here is a super paragraph to whet your appetite.
"The resurrection demonstrates who Jesus is. It is not meant to be just some mega-miracle, or trump card for the existence of God. It speaks powerfully of the identity of Jesus. We can be assured that he is exactly who he claimed to be. And because of that same resurrection, we can also be assured that he achieved in his death exactly what he said he would--we can be assured of our salvation." pg. 34

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