Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Scandalous, D.A. Carson

This recent publication by IVP comprises of five addresses that the writer gave at a Resurgence conference at Mars Hill, Seattle. They focus on the cross and the resurrection:
1. The ironies of the Cross (Matthew 27v27-51a
2. The whole centre of the Bible (Romans 3v21-26)
3. The strange triumph of a slaughtered lamb (Revelation 12)
4. A miracle full of surprises (John 11)
5. Doubting the resurrection (John 20v24-31)
Each of these chapters is clearly subdivided, presumably with the headings that the writer used in his preaching. Each chapter contains the usual exegetical depth that one is used to with Dr. Carson. Each chapter is a wonderful blend of sound detailed explanation of the text with warm hearted stirring application.
This volume would make a useful help for daily devotions and at the same time provide good help for those preaching on any of these passages.

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