Monday, May 21, 2012

Let the Nations be Glad, John Piper

Every now and then you read a book and the instant thought is, Everyone needs to read this.  Well this is one of those books.  This volume by John Piper is all about mission and why mission should be the passion of every follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. The basic thesis of the book is that mission is all about making God supreme.  The book divides into three main parts:  The purpose, power and price; The necessity and nature of the task; and The practical outworking of compassion and worship.  In typical Piper mode it is saturated with Scripture and well endowed with suitable quotes from the giants of past generations.
If this book is not on every seminary reading list for evangelism then it ought to be.  Not that you will agree with all that you read.  It is a volume to ignite the heart.  It should come with a warning though - "This book might seriously change the direction of your life."  And isn't that what we are looking for.

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