Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Next Story, Tim Challies

This is probably the best and only book that you will need to read on the impact of the digital era but read it you must.  The chances are that you have read this blog page on your laptop, smartphone or iPad.  Great tools to thank God for.  But like many good things they can come to control our lives and even weaken them if not used correctly.  Challies covers the while spectrum here - Facebook, surfing, texting, information at your finger tips.  What I like about his thorough approach is that he is not saying - bin your devices - any nutter could do that. Challies goes deeper.  He gets to the Word and applies the Word to the digital world we live in.  If you do Facebook you need to read this.  If you send emails you need to read this.  If you surf the net you need to read this. If you google you need to read this. Get the point - you need to read this.  I guarantee that you will be blessed and challenged.
It made me think.  Why do I need to check my email so often?  Why do I always have my mobile in my pocket?  What does my search history reveal about me?  Why am I so tempted to turn on my computer as soon as I get up?
So as far as repentance goes - I am no longer turning my macbook on first thing.  My email won't be checked so often - once a day will do fine.  I will master my new iPad and not be mastered by it.
Footnote - I saw a man on the beach yesterday who needs to read this book.  He had obviously taken his ten year old boy to the beach for a time of fun together.  As he kicked the ball back and threw a stick for his dog all the time he had his phone in his hand.  I thought catch yourself on mate - you are not the prime minister or the president of the US.  And neither am I - so don't expect instant messages back - I may be with someone more important than the both of us.

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