Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Best book ever

I rarely read a book twice.  It is not that I take it all in on the first read by any means, but just that there are so many good books to read.  So any book I reread must be something special.  I have just finished this morning my annual read of an all time classic, the ultimate best seller. I never fail to find something new in it.  Though some bits were a tough read the overall story line was dead simple to spot.  The leading character takes the stage in the first few pages and appears in virtually every chapter.  At some stages early in the book it seems that the author is putting in a lot of unnecessary detail but only later do you work out that it was all there so that the main character will be seen as so unique.  At several stages in the plot it seems that evil will win, in fact there is one great climax moment when it seems that the book is about to come to an abrupt end as the leading character gets put through some vile torture and executed.  But then there is a masterly twist in the tail when the lead rises from the dead and is made king over everything.
Every time I read this book my heart is drawn out to this main character.  I am finding that I want to start all over again and reread to see what more I can find out about him.  And there is one other thing - reading this book was utterly different from every other read in 2013.  Something happened in my heart when I read this, not every time, but on many occasions - it was as if author was addressing me, pointing out things in my life.  Yet again it just sort of got a grip of me, I was in the plot line too.
There is only one thing for it - starting tomorrow  I am going back to the beginning and if I am spared to make the 31st December 2014 I will have read it through one more time.

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