Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Engaging with Keller

This book published by Evangelical Press does exactly what it says in the title.  This book is a series of well written, thorough papers that seek to interact with some of the teachings of Tim Keller.  The chapters are written in a balanced and gentle manner and at the same time clearly set out the issues that are just under the surface in some of the preaching and teaching of the popular American minister.  The areas that the writers highlight include what Mr. Keller teaches about: sin, hell, the trinity, mission, evolution and ecclesiology.  For any student for the ministry or minister who reads or listens to Keller this is a must read.  For years I have benefitted and been blessed in reading and listening to Tim Keller. I don't intend to stop that having read this book. But I will read and listen in a more informed manner.
As well as high lighting areas of concern in Keller's ministry this book also stirs the preacher to guard his doctrine and teaching closely.  While our ministries will not have the audiences that Keller's has, nevertheless a group of people are being moulded by our preaching and teaching - so let us be on our guard.  Useful book for seminary students to study and debate.  It will hone your ministry for good.

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