Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Book Review Your God is too Safe Mark Buchanan

Well answer the man's title - is your God too safe? If you want a book to blow some of the dust and cobwebs from your Christian life then this is it. If you are happy with mediocrity in the Christian life, lurching along in the shadows then don't even read the title of this book. I read this book over the summer and was rivetted by the challenging messages. Buchanan writes with vivid expression and mind capturing illustrations. Though I can't say that I would always have agreed with his exegesis of passages he does provide in nearly every chapter a most refreshing way of looking at familar Bible accounts. His basic theme for this book is that many Christians are living a borderland existence, stuck in the rut of lack of passion, power and freedom. So if you are ready for a good shake up, spend a tenner and hold on tight.

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