Friday, September 15, 2006

Door to Door - Some thinking please!

On Monday evenings from mid April to mid September we go out for an hour or so to make contact with the people of our town seeking to present the gospel. We have tried all sorts of approaches to stir up conversation. No doubt there are many who are more gifted at this than we are and we could learn a great deal in improving the way that we do this. It is tough work - not because we are no good at it but because men and women are dead in trespasses and sins.
Each evening we face the wearying, conversation stopping reply, "Naw I never think about those things."
They are being truly honest - they don't think. Thinking for sinful man is a superficial thing - how do I get, and to coin an American phrase, How do I can what I get.
So why do people not think? It is not that they can't. (Though the Fall has left teh old thinking box very befuddled.) Ultimately the devil has blinded the minds of unbelievers. The devil has various means for doing this brain robbery. Entertainment - that is what people think about - how can I be entertained, how can I feel good for a little while. The proverbial "goggle box" is the devil's most effective weapon in this war for people's brains. It sucks the thinking juice out and replaces it with sound bite opinions that amount to the hollow wisdom of man.
Yes we need to keep going door to door, didn't Paul. Yes we need to learn how to draw people out in conversation. But above all we need to pray that the Lord Himself will send out His Spirit to awaken the living dead that by grace they might become right thinkers.

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Mark Loughridge said...

Why not take that answer from teh doors and turn it into your nest leaflet article?